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Functions and types of analysis in the process of composition of the works 'Homo Ex Machina - Hommage a Ligeti' and 'I Am Composition, My Name is Politika': New political system arising

ID: SM-000292125
ComposerHanan Hadzajlic
Year of composition 2016
Genre Classical / Theory
Instrumentation Free choice: Any Instrument
Type of scoreBook
Description The aim of this text is the presentation of compositional techniques at the level of meaning, imaging and their contextualization within the frames of the work of "Homo Ex Machina - Homagge a Ligeti" for flute, clarinet, violin and piano and "I Am Composition, My Name is Politika" for Flute/Bass Flute and Processors, by Composer Hanan Hadžajlić. The most important term (or concept) of/in this presentation, is the idea of the composition, which manifests itself as a non-musical element, a linguistically independent system, which justifies the creative process of the composer in both of the previously mentioned compositions. The first, "Homo ex Machina - Homagge a Ligeti" was built on the harmonic system, taken from the analysis of Composition "Arhaja" of Serbian composer Ljubica Marić, by Miloš Zatkalić. An analysis of this composition, or past time, symbolizes the analysis of the previous system; In the context of the composition of H. Hadžajlić, the previous political model, with the transfer of the absolute values of another system, taken from the "Chamber Concerto" for thirteen instrumentalists, Gyorgy Ligeti. The treatment of the harmonic system in compositional processes, taken from the above analysis, is closely dependent on the treatment of rhythm and different layers of rhythmic pulsations, and the idea of the final result of their interdependence is based on the textual template of the composition "Homo Ex Machina - Homagge a Ligeti", that is, the textual concept of structure, or even the idea of structure. This text partly deals with the classical analysis of basic compositional processes, however, it also focuses on the analysis of the very idea of composition - in the form of a graphic analysis of the concept of structure and its dynamization, which resulted in a new composition,"I Am Composition, My Name is Politika", for Flute/ Bass flute and processors. In a certain way, this type of analysis can be viewed as a meta-analysis of the meaning within a textual template, determined only in the context of prolongation and effects, as basic simulations of the dynamization of the structure of the original composition in this entire process.
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