Institute for Contemporary Artistic Music and Artistic Practice

Bosnian International Institute for Contemporary Artistic Music and Artistic Practice (INSAM) was founded in 2015 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with purpose of promoting contemporary Bosnian-Herzegovinian composers, through publishing music scores, organization of concerts, lectures, workshops and through international collaboration with renowned and emerging composers, artists and researchers worldwide. Our first project, Flute Music From Bosnia & Herzegovina and Ireland (2015) was organized in cooperation with Association of Irish Composers, through concerts in Sarajevo and Dublin.

INSAM in its mission aims to spread out the knowledge in the field of contemporary music and performance arts production, as well as in artistic improvisation, development of new technologies and active theoretical practice.

During the past two years, our activities have been focused on equipping the Institute/Sound Lab, providing music equipment, as well as on research in electronics, electro-acoustic music, new music technologies and publishing musical scores and papers. Initially, the institute was divided into four sections, and from 2017, with the opening of two new sections - Research in Music, Music Analysis/Theory and Musical Robots Research Lab, INSAM contains a total of six sections.

Institute Sections:

  1. Composition and Multimedia (Representative: Ališer Sijarić)
  2. INSAM Sound Lab (Representative: Dino Rešidbegović)
  3. Musical Robots Research Lab (Representative: Hanan Hadžajlić)
  4. Instrumental Interpretation & Multimedia / Ensemble (Representatives: Hanan Hadžajlić, Azra Ramić)
  5. Research in Music, Music Analysis / Theory (Representatives: Ivan Dujmović, Hanan Hadžajlić)
  6. Archive / Publishing

All composers working in multimedia art, installation sound art and common composition fields, interested to take part in growing contemporary music scene in Bosnia and throughout the Balkans, are asked to write us and to share experience working together on promoting a new paradigm of contemporary music.

Musical Scores published by INSAM / Musica Neo include a royalty-free license for an unlimited number of performances, limited to one year. The Work is protected by copyright and/or other applicable law. Any use of Work other than as authorized under this license is prohibited.  For researchers in the field of contemporary Bosnian artistic music, registered at a particular institution, there is a possibility of renting works (musical scores, analyzes, papers etc.) for the purpose of research, with the signing of a Contract Agreement that implies rental costs. 

              INSAM MEMBERS 

  1. HANAN HADŽAJLIĆ - Flute Performance, Composition, Electroacoustic Music, Transdisciplinary Arts Research, Artificial Intelligence and Musical Robots, Transhumanism (Co-founder and Director at INSAM, Flutist at SONEMUS)
  2. ALIŠER SIJARIĆ - Composition and Multimedia, Computer Music (Professor of Composition, Computer Music and Orchestration at Sarajevo Music Academy, University of Sarajevo and Artistic Director of SONEMUS)
  3. DINO REŠIDBEGOVIĆ - Composition, Electroacoustic/Electronic Music, Analog Modular Sound Synthesizers, Piano Performance  (Professor of Composition, Electronic Music and Counterpoint at Sarajevo Music Academy, University of Sarajevo and Co-founder/President of the Assembly at INSAM)
  4. IGOR KARAČA - Composition, Electronic Music, Music Technology, Piano Performance (Professor of Composition, Music Technology and Orchestration at Oklahoma State University)
  5. IVAN DUJMOVIĆ - Music Theory, Composition, Computer Music (Music Teacher)
  6. AZRA RAMIĆ - Clarinet Performance, Contemporary Music & Improvisation, Music Theatre (Ensemble Lemniscate and Executive Director and Clarinetist at SONEMUS)
  7. MERSID RAMIČEVIĆ - Composition, Performance, Electronic Music, Installation Art (Freelance Artist)
  8. EMIN HADŽAJLIĆ - Diplomacy and International Relations, Political Science, Street Art (Co-founder and Deputy Director at INSAM)
  9. ALISA SOKOLOVIĆ - Musicology, Vocal Performance, Contemporary Art (ARS AEVI Museum of Contemporary Art Sarajevo)
  10. DENIS ŠPARAVALO - Composition, Film Score, Music Production, Sound Engineering, Guitar Performance (Enterpreneur) 
  11. BELMA ALIĆ - Cello Performance, Chamber Music, Contemporary Music & Improvisation (Professor of Violoncello and Chamber Music at Sarajevo Music Academy, University of Sarajevo)
  12. DINA HADŽAJLIĆ - Law, Journalism, Film (Altermedia, Manager at INSAM)
  13. BELMA BEŠLIĆ-GAL - Composition, Piano Performance, Installation Art
  14. KAĆA HADŽIFEJZOVIĆ - Accordion Performance, Composition (Accordion Teacher)
  15. EDIN ČEKIĆ - Accordion Performance, Composition (Accordion Teacher)
  16. ZLATAN MUŠIĆ - Accordion Performance, Composition (Accordion Teacher)
  17. MIRON KONJEVIĆ - Piano Performance, Composition (Piano Teacher)
  18. TONI TOPLAN - Composition, Arrangement (Freelance Artist)
  19. ĐORĐE JOVANČIĆ - Composition, Music Production, Piano Performance, Accordion Performance, Songwriting (Owner & Director at Basics School of Music)
  20. ZLATAN BOŽUTA - Piano Performance, Jazz Performance, Composition, Theatre Music Composition, Film Score (Freelance Artist)
  21. AMMAR BOLUKBASI - Composition, Guitar Performance, Jazz Performance 
  22. AMIR ĆEFO - Songwriting, Music Production (Enterpreneur)

  1. SONEMUS FEST - Contemporary Artistic Music Festival
  4. AMILA RAMOVIĆ - Musicology, Music Theory, Music Analysis (Professor of Aspects of 20th Century Music and Music Analysis at Sarajevo Music Academy, University of Sarajevo)
  5. JOHN BUCKLEY - Composition (Professor at St. Patrick's College, Dublin)
  6. ASIM HOROZIĆ - Composition (Professor of Composition at Sarajevo Music Academy, University of Sarajevo)
  7. SINAN ALIMANOVIĆ - Piano Performance, Jazz Performance (Leader of Jazz Combo & Orchestra at Sarajevo Music Academy, University of Sarajevo)
  8. LEJLA ALIMANOVIĆ - Comparative Literature, Vocal Performance, Jazz Performance 
  9. TIMUR SIJARIĆ - Saxophone Performance, Composition
  10. MOAMER BALILHODŽIĆ - Music Theory, Composition, Melodica Performance (Music Teacher)
  11. AIDA AVDIĆ-JAŽIĆ - Composition, Music Production (BOSNATON)
  12. AMMAR JAŽIĆ - Composition, Music Production (Director at BOSNATON)




Hanan Hadžajlić (1991) was born in Slovenia, where she began her musical education at age four. She completed her undergraduate and master studies of Flute with prof. Sakib Lačević at the Music Academy Sarajevo (BIH). She is DMA candidate in the field of Flute with prof. Ljubiša Jovanović at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (Serbia), as well as student of undergraduate study of Composition with prof. Ališer Sijarić, at the Music Academy Sarajevo. She participated in many masterclasses for Flute with teachers such as Eva Furrer, Boris Previšić, Felix Renggli. She has won numerous awards in international Flute and Composition competitions. She has performed in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Italy, Germany, Israel, Switzerland, Ireland. Since 2012 she is member of ensemble SONEMUS and collaborated with ensembles AMAS, 2K+, Studio 6. She performed with conductors such as Yurg Wyttenbach, Robert Ames, Toshio Yanagisawa. Twice she performed as a soloist with the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra. She performed Jupiter for Flute&Live electronics by P. Manoury with composer, at festival Sarajevo Sonic Studio. She took part in composing seminars with Heiner Goebbels, Peter Ablinger, Vinko Globokar, Philippe Manoury. Her works have been performed in BIH, USA, Ireland, Denmark and Israel and her composition Freezing Moon was included in the book 21 Century Voice by Michael Edward Edgerton. She was scholar of Science Underground Academy 2016 where she created, in cooperation with programmer Viktorija Alilovic, a robot that physically reacts on flute signal. She is director and one of co-founders of INSAM (Institute for Contemporary Music and Art Practice).

Her significant compositions are: Homo Ex Machina - Hommage a Ligeti for flute, clarinet, violin and piano, Ayahuasca for flute and piano, I Am Composition, My Name is Politika for flute and processors, No To You (Morgellon Love) for flute/processor, voice and robot sculpture...


Dr. Dino Residbegovic (Sarajevo, 1975) attended elementary  and secondary music school, piano department in Sarajevo. He  continued his education in Vienna at the Conservatorium  of  Vienna, Vienna University of music, where he  studied graduateand master programand graduated  in  composition in class of  Professors: H.K Gruber,  MA  Wolfgang Liebhart and Dr. Rainer Bischof with the  best  score. At the Conservatorium of Vienna he graduated piano in 2003. He continued the postgraduate, post  master, study of composition and finished it in 2005 at  the University of music and performing arts in Vienna in  the class of Detlef Müller-Siemens, with the best  grade. He also studied conducting with Professor MA  Uros Lajovic the University of music and performing  arts in Vienna. He completed his DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts) program in composition with Dr. Igor Karača (Professor at Department of Music - Oklahoma State University) at University of Sarajevo,  Music Academy in Sarajevo. His mentor for the dissertation was Prof. PhD. Ivan Čavlović. He graduated DMA with the best score.

His recent works are performed with analog - modular synthesizers and electro-acoustic composition, as well as the live electronic in composition. Dr. Rešidbegović performs his live electronic  experimental contemporary compositions on analog modular synthesizers. He determinated his notation for electronic and acoustic instruments  in his dissertation, as "Approximative Reductionist Graphical Notation". His musical style is called as RMC (Reduction Music Complexity).  It is based on avoiding notation of tone pitches, allowing performers to choose their own pitches with some suggestions. This includes notation of all  other musical parameters.

 He was awarded with by the Alban Berg society, Siemens AG Österreich and e Theodor Körner  Preis. Since 2006 he worked as the assistant professor and since 2012, he works as the associate professor at the Music Academy in Sarajevo, Department of the composition. He is a permanent member of the Austrian Association of Composers (OKB). His works were performed by Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, Dusan Skovran String Orchestra, Pons Artis  Ensemble, Austrian Art Ensemble, Sonemus Ensemble, Platypus, Trio Magis  and many others  in Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Germany, Japan, Bosnia and  Herzegovina, Ireland, USA and Austria. Two concert were performed  in the Musikverein in 2008, and in Carnegie Hall, 31. Jan. 2013. He cooperated with conductors such as Jurg Wyttenbach, Jaime Wolfson, Dario Vučić, Daniel Mestre, Andrija Pavlić, Obrad Nedeljković, Josip Nalis, Emir Mejremić.  His "Three orchestral miniatures" are part of  regular repertoire of the maestro Aziz Sadikovic. Third movement from his "Piano Concerto" was used as a soundtrack in the movie "Cameraperson" (2016) by Kirsten Johnson.

His significant compositions are: Subtractive Study for sound synthesizers and ensemble, X O for inderteminated ensemble, BAK - Concerto for piano and orchestra, Visitnig Speech Therapist (Cycle) for solo piano, Mechanicus (Heron from Alexandria) for flute, violin and piano...


Mag. Art. Ališer Sijarić studied Composition with Josip Magdić at Sarajevo Music Academy and Musicology, Philosophy and Sociology at Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. He continued his Composition studies with Michael Jarrell at University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and attended Composition courses with Beat Furrer und Hanspeter Kyburz in Graz. He is member of the Composers' group Gegenklang. Sijarić has been commissioned to write compositions by the Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft Wien, Konzerthaus Berlin, Collegium Novum Zürich, Wiener Musikverein, Kammaransemblen Stockholm, Forum Alpbach Austria, Ensemble Cantus Zagreb, Pre Art Zürich, Ensemble Zeitfluss, Manhattan String Quartet, among others. His music was performed at many international music festivals, such as Kopenhagen - Kulturhuaptstadt Europas, Wien Modern, Salzburger Festspiele, Music Biennale Zagreb, Muskiprotokoll Graz, Culturscapes Basel, Chamber Music Festival Sarajevo and many others, in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Denmark, Croatia, Italy, Republic of Macedonia , Germany, Poland, Romania, USA (Carnegie Hall), Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland. He is founder of the Society of New Music Sarajevo – SONEMUS and since year 2001, its artistic director.

Ališer Sijarić is pioneer in the field of Contemporary Music Composition and Contemporary Music Analysis in Bosnia and Herzegovina. His approach to Music Composition, as primarily thinking process, could be described as "deconstructed thinking process", because his fundamental compositional technique is filtration of overall material. Using noise, which could be represented also through white color (which contains all tones/colors, but none of them can be solved singularly) Sijarić sets hidden layers of whole composition at the very beginning of compositional process and forms cultivated noise. It can be understood as presumed system of artificial sound spectrum organization and of apsolute micro-sound (or partial) stability, which represents the opposite to the nature (or behavior) of noise. Composition of "composition background" or "hidden layers source", which for many composers represent a final product, for Sijarić represents a starting point of filtration process development. Influenced by composers such as Beat Furrer, Gerard Grisey, Morton Feldman and research in the field of Philosophy, Semiology, Psychoacoustics and Electronic & Computer Music (using Computer as Composition Assistant), he developed his own compositional style.

Ališer Sijarić is associate professor Music Composition, Computer Music and Orchestration at Sarajevo Music Academy, Univeristy of Sarajevo.

His significant compositions are: Noise Prevails for chamber orchestra, Dah for solo flute, Snakes in Time for orchestra, Drei Farben for flute, cello and piano, Innerhalb aller sprachlichen Gestaltung... for ensemble, Cross Bowing for string quartet, Capriccio Meccanico for violin and piano, Deductio for solo clarinet.


Ivan Dujmovic (1990, Bosnia and Herzegovina) started his musical education in 2005 with his enrollment in the Specialized Music High School “Jakov Gotovac” in Novi Travnik, majoring in musical theory. After successfully completing high school in 2009, that same year he enrolls into the Music Academy in Sarajevo, majoring in Musical Theory and Pedagogy. During his studies he first encounters specific aspects of composition at the lectures organized by renowned Bosnian and Herzegovinian composers Prof. Dino Residbegovic, PhD, and Prof. Aliser Sijaric, MA, thus developing a greater interest in the field. He successfully receives his Bachelor’s degree in Musical Theory and Pedagogy in 2013 and that same year enrolls as a student of composition, in the class of Ass. Prof. Dino Residbegovic, PhD, again at the Academy of Music in Sarajevo. By participating in a project called Sonic Studio organized by the Academy, he gets a chance to participate in master classes conducted by notable contemporary composers such as Heiner Goebbels, Philippe Manoury, Peter Ablinger and Vinko Globokar. His pieces are also performed as a part of the Sonic Studio concert season, as well as being performed during the regular concert season of the Music Academy. In 2016 he received an award from the organization AMUS for best student of Composition of the year. He has been working as a student demonstrator for Counterpoint at the Music Academy in Sarajevo since 2015. He is currently in his final year of his studies in Composition, and eligible for his Master’s degree finals in Music Theory and Pedagogy, majoring in Counterpoint. His thesis for his Master’s degree is Characteristics of the Compositional Techniques in the Two Part Inventions of Johann S. Bach.

His significant compositions are: Tangram for piccolo flute and bass clarinet, Bio-Metric for two violins and piano, Saxophobia for solo saxophone...


Mersid Ramičević is a Hamburg-based composer and improviser, who is working on object-focused composition and instrumental and acousmatic music as well as towards iconology of sound and community-designed musical experience. He was born in the city of Novi Pazar, Serbia. He is an alumnus of the European Joint Master Program in Contemporary Performance and Composition, and holds an MA from the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre. He also studied at KMH Stockholm, CNSMD Lyon, and EMTA Tallinn.

During his studies at the Sarajevo Academy of Music, with professor Ališer Sijarić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Mersid Ramičević the Karim Zaimović Special Acknowledgement Recognition Award for academic achievements and his contribution to the culture of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Currently, he is working on his project focusing on the notion of ear-witnessing, carried out as part of Testimony – truth or politics, mediated by the Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade.

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Musical Scores published by INSAM / Musica Neo include a  royalty-free   license for an unlimited number of performances, limited to one year. The Work is protected by copyright and/or other applicable law. Any use of Work other than ...